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Hi, my name is Finn, I am an established photographer with over 12 years of experience in commercial and corporate shoot.  Photography started as a hobby when I was in school. After graduating from Engineering School, I decided that working with machines was not my calling and decided to pursue my real passion. So I headed to London and took up art courses in Central Saint Martin and London College of Art. That opened my imagination and ignited the spark that continues till today.

I started my career working with PR/Design agencies on projects for marketing campaigns, PR junkets and Annual Reports. Besides Studio photography, my services expanded to retail and internet business, from fashion, press junkets, products, exhibitions and art performances.

Over the last 12 years, I traveled to China, India, Indonesia, Singapore, London, Amsterdam and USA for regional and local projects.

IG : finn loh

With the combination of Engineering and Fine Arts education, this multidisciplinary enable me to think logically in design sales funnel, and create engaging visuals
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We provides a one-stop shop for your marketing and advertising needs. As a  collective of multimedia producers, designers and writers, we aim to play a significant role in developing your business.

We are passionate about creating and most importantly, maintaining bonds with your prospective clients. Through a visually beautiful campaign cemented with a  solid strategy,  we will take your business to the next level. After all, good design is a language.